Expert Witness and Consultancy Service


Dr Lisa Shamseldin is an effective expert witness in children’s rights litigation, including domestic violence, child safeguarding, child protection, parental alienation allegations and international human rights, because she understands how cases unfold during the legal process: through pleadings, written discovery, affidavits, hearings and trial. This understanding of the overall court process, whether in criminal or civil court or before an administrative body makes Dr Shamseldin a more valuable asset than an expert witness who is confined to their role only.

The hourly fee typically covers;

1. Reviewing documents

2. Interviewing key people in the case

3. Travel expenses, and any other time spent working on the case.

4. Rates for affidavits or testifying in court are usually higher than for other kinds of preparatory work.


Dr Lisa Shamseldin is also able to provide consultancy on the following:

  • Provision of legal advice and guidance on safeguarding and protection issues to external agencies working with persons of concern. In particular women, children and child asylum seekers.
  • Legal strategies for litigation, including analysis of specialist reports for credibility issues and attitudinal bias.
  • Packages of socio-legal information to legal  professionals for cross-examination and submissions.
  • Advocacy on access to justice issues including accessibility of legal assistance to persons of concern, including women and children in the Family Court system.
  • Monitoring and evaluating justice chains regarding access to justice and violence against women and children in New Zealand and internationally.
  • Drafting of violation of human rights complaints to international human rights agencies including United Nations Human Rights Committee and UN  Committee on Rights of the Child.

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