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Dr Lisa Shamseldinstanford whos whoDr. Lisa Shamseldin Ph.D Law

Dr Lisa Shamseldin has dedicated her career to stopping violence against children and promoting children’s rights internationally. She is a passionate advocate for the human rights of children and preventing physical, psychological and sexual violence against children, often inflicted by inadequate implementation of children’s rights. A passionate and engaging speaker, Dr Shamseldin is published in children’s rights internationally. 

Dr Lisa Shamseldin’s ground breaking PhD on the Implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989, her piercing challenges to human rights violations and passionate advocacy for the rights of children generally and specifically in family court and with trafficked children, make her an internationally respected authority on children’s rights. Using a systems analysis approach, she developed an innovative multi-factorial insights model to measure implementation of the UNCRC 1989 by states. Her conceptual framework “Children’s Rights and Defending Parental Alienation Allegations” is fast becoming the leading child right’s resource in family court systems where PAS is entrenched and where the international rights of children are being violated by the very system charged with the responsibility of protecting children from abuse and neglect. Her work with women and children issues within the Family Court has given her particular insight into child custody cases based on probable expectation of abuse and neglect.

Professional Description:

Child Welfare Law Specialist using systems analysis, International Human, Civil and Child Rights Litigation, Cross-cultural expert, Child Safeguarding and Inclusion, Child Trafficking, Child Asylum cases, Defences against allegations of Parental Alienation Syndrome, “PAS” or any other name by which it is known, Rule of Law issues including methodology, access to justice, arbitrariness, fair trial and equality of arms. Drafting of violations of human rights by family court complaints to UN Convention bodies, including to UN Human Rights Committee.


PG Higher Diploma Hons 1st Class University College Dublin 2000, MA in Social Research Methods University of Birmingham 2001 (University of Birmingham Scholarship), PhD Law University of Warwick (Economic and Social Research Council Scholarship) International Human Rights and Child Law, international publications with UNHCR and International Journal of Children’s Rights. Over 20 years experience working in child protection, child rights, human rights and law.

Area of Work

Nationwide and International


Fast completion of reports or packages of socio-legal information for submissions/preparation for cross-examinations typically within ten days of instructions by a leading expert in child rights, human rights, cross cultural, diversity & welfare issues surrounding child rights, violence against women and children, exploitation [including allegations of parental alienation, “PAS” or any other name by which it is known] and trafficking. Dr Shamseldin will interview clients where levels of complexity have compounded and paperwork is incoherent. She can also provide analysis of
rule of law issues, including access to justice and fair trial concerns.


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