CRNZ’s mission is to prevent the re-abuse of children through promotion of human rights, strengthening the rule of law and access to justice. When the CPS, justice system, including the family court, or any other agency fails to protect children from re-abuse and re-victimisation, we are often contacted. CRNZ then goes to work in human rights litigation to build a case for advocacy on behalf of the child.

One of the strengths of CRNZ is its expertise on children’s rights and care and protection: children’s rights to care and protection and children’s rights through care and protection. We are the only existing organization in New Zealand which advocates for individual children not protected due to system failure.  All of us at CRNZ have been affected by the inadequacies of systems to prevent re-abuse of children. We work hard to change and reform the systems in New Zealand but also internationally. Due to the nature of our work and to be credible, we operate in two arenas: case management and political advocacy. Our judicial independence allows us to be very effective legally and politically. CRNZ has a well-established role as the leading independent voice in public debate on children’s international human rights in New Zealand.

Children’s Rights New Zealand is an interdisciplinary advocacy and research organisation intended to focus on the promotion of children’s rights and child welfare in New Zealand and internationally. We work within the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 [UNCRC 1989] and other international human rights instruments to evaluate the laws, policies and practices which affect children. A major area of our work is advocacy. We are currently working on Rule of Law  and Access to Justice issues, including the narrow and specialist area of protective parents facing allegations of parental alienation within the New Zealand Family Court and internationally. We also seek to impower young people and children in the research process and ultimately in using their rights as set out by the UNCRC 1989.

We support the World Justice Project

http://worldjusticeproject.org/                                  Member of the International Society of Family Law


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